A4 COPY PAPERS: An Indispensable Tool in the Office

Before we talk about copy papers or how indispensable they are in the workplace, we have to make mention of the copier printing machines. Copier printing machines are machines basically useful for printing out soft documents from the computer or internet onto a paper for physical evidence. You can also refer to them as machines used for converting soft copy documents into hard copy documents. We all know what soft and hard copy means right? If not, find out here!

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However, without a printing paper printing cannot be possible. That’s one of the reasons why it is indispensable. Printing papers are simply papers produced specifically for printing with your copier machine. You simply connect your copier machine to your desktop or PC, insert a few papers depending on the number of pages you want to print. Press print on your computer and whatever you asked it to print would appear clearly on the printing paper. Almost everyone knows this. In case, you didn’t know, now you do.

The most commonly used printing paper is the A4 paper which is the sole focus of this content. Most companies and printing establishments make use of this printing paper. I know you must have been wondering why? The answer is simple! It is the widely accepted office document size. It is the standard size of typing/printing which was adopted by the International Standard Organization (ISO).


A4 copier papers are usually white, although there are a few A4 copier papers which are colored differently such as blue and light cream (most especially papers used for letterheads). However, the white colored papers are the most suitable office paper color. A pack of A4 copier paper which is called a REAM contains about 500 sheets of A4 copier papers. For commercial purposes, A4 copier paper wholesale prices are offered in bulk and usually come in a set or 5 reams in a carton.

This means that you have about 500 X 5 A4 copier papers in a package. The best kind of A4 copier printing paper I will recommend for office use is the paper from double A A4 paper. Look for the best double a a4 paper manufacturer close by to deal with. Although there are other brands of a4 copy papers such as Chamex A4…double a stands out.


Double A A4 papers are papers which are used for multiple functions and moves freely through all office printing machines. Talk about printers, laser or inkjet printer, or other photocopier machines. There are some kinds of papers that get jammed in the printer while printing, which makes printing tiring. These Double-A A4 copier papers are of high quality; they are durable, with a high-quality rating that gives your printing job clarity.

A4 papers have a different thickness ranging from 75g to 85g depending on the manufacturing industry and the purpose of the paper.


If you are familiar with copier machines, you will notice that aside from the thickness and sharpness of your printer, the kind of A4 copier paper you use also determine the clarity of your printed documents. That’s why it is mandatory to deal with a good a4 copier paper wholesale company who produces high-quality a4 papers for office use.

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