Pardeep Kumar, a multi-talented person from village (Ghanauli) in India. He is an actor and singer. He had started his career from a very young age. He initiated the steps of achieving his dream at the age of 14. At first, he initiated his career by starting his play at Family Stage Show; this was done by him when he was completing his schooling. The fire of achieving his dreams can be clearly seen. Further on, he took part in a theatre named as Natshala in Amritsar, Punjab. This joining gave him certain opportunities to improve his skills in different categories. He played several roles in the theatre which again gave him chance to work with some of the famous personalities. He had worked with Sukhwinder Singh in One Family Show held at Nabha, Punjab.

This multi-talented person has to take a break from his career due to his family issues. He had restarted his career in 2013 as a singer. This gave him a chance not only to develop his interest and skills in it but also opportunities for a successful career ahead. He had performed a lot of songs in his village and has been among the most active singers in his area. The positive response from the audience motivated him to participate at different zonal levels.


Pradeep has also appeared in an official Punjabi Video by Singer Gagan Randhawa as a negative role which has near 1 million videos on YouTube. He had been a part of songs like “Teezi Manzil” and “Dream Hacker” where he was a model. He also have been part of several comedy videos like Jalebi 1, Jalebi 2, Visa Vatt Te, Gharwali kido chhadni with “Happy Jeet Pencharan Wala” and Girlfriend vs Boyfriend. He is coming up with the latest projects in the upcoming time. He will be a part of web series Saat Ajoobe and also will be a part of Punjabi Short Movie named as “Muqaddar” with Garv Punjab Channel.

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