How do you bury your company’s negative search results? I’ve worked with many clients that have had negative search results in Google and wanted them gone. Suppressing them is not only possible but surprisingly effective. Keep reading to learn what I’ve done so you can try it for yourself.

 1) Put Up A Website:

Purchase a domain name that relates to your business name or brand. Put up a website for that domain, and then optimize it. However, optimize it for the specific keyword impacted the most by negative results. Do everything you can to minimize page load speeds and optimize the on-page SEO elements of this site. Either create your own backlinks or just hire someone to do it. Either way should help your website rank higher. You can see more here in this post from velseoity.


 2) Establish A Suite Of Social Media Profiles:

Your keyword should have social media profiles on all the major platforms. Interlink these pages and profiles. Update all of them regularly with content.


 3) Start Up Some Web 2.0 Blogs:

Use blogs like Blogger, Tumblr,, and Medium, among others. Optimize each of them for the keyword in question, and then come up with content to put on all of them. Throughout all of this, never mention the specific negative search result that you’re trying to bury, not on the blogs or the social media accounts.


 4) Pitch Ideas To High-Quality Blogs:

Look around online for the best websites and blogs that have high authority online but are relevant to your own business. Pitch them article concepts you know you can do well. If they’re open to it, have them publish articles in your name. Make sure those articles have backlinks pointing back to your website so you get ranking help.


5) Get Great Backlinks:

Once you get positive content up, then it’s necessary to make sure the content is powerful. Interlink all of your positive content, and get links on high-caliber but relevant domains. All of this will boost the positive stories in ranking higher in Google search results.


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